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Welcome to OutGROW OutPLAY, Canada's leading children's consignment sale event where savvy Moms sell, shop and save a bundle.

Think back to a time when you found an amazing deal or experienced something so remarkable that you just had to tell others about it. Remember how it made you feel? That is how OutGROW OutPLAY is making parents coast-to-coast feel!

Once you consign, shop and save at one of our sales, you will tell your friends about how much fun you had participating and all the amazing deals you found. Join the thousands of Moms who shop our sale events and SAVE 50% to 90% off retail on all their children's items!


OutGROW OutPLAY is NOT a retail store. Our upscale children's consignment sale events happen twice a year, in the spring/summer and again in the fall/winter. We host our well-organized events in venues with a typical square footage of 15,000 plus. This allows you to comfortably shop our events and unlike any other sale... you are encouraged to bring your children... not leave them at home! Just be forewarned that unattended children will be given an espresso and a FREE kitten :-)

OGOP works hard to accept only HIGH QUALITY, new or like-new children's items on consignment to sell at our events. At an OutGROW OutPLAY sale you will find children's clothing, furniture, nursery decor, maternity wear, nursing accessories and infant equipment such as strollers, high chairs and portable cribs. You will also find an abundance of toys, arts and crafts supplies, children's books, video games, sports accessories and soooooo much more!

All merchandise is inspected for quality, is in-season and is Mom approved by our Army of Super Mom Volunteers. Merchandise is then placed on the sales floor in its specific section. Merchandise is gender, age and category sorted which allows you to easily browse and purchase all the items your growing family needs at prices well below retail.


We help families to consign and quickly sell all the new and like-new items their children regularly OutGROW and OutPLAY. Consignment stores restrict the amount of items you can consign, offer you a 40% to 50% and take a while to cut you a cheque. Our consignors are savvy Moms who don't mind rolling up their sleeves and preparing their items for a sale. OutGROW OutPLAY consignors EARN 65% to 80% of what their items sell for and cheques are ready within 5 business days! A $15 registration fee is deducted from your cheque. You can consign as many items as your heart desires which allows you to make the most amount of money possible for your family.

We've made consigning with OutGROW OutPLAY so simple that you can easily enter, price, tag and track your merchandise directly from our website, in the comfort of your own home!

Another GREAT benefit of consigning with OutGROW OutPLAY is that you get to shop the Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA.

Volunteer for a shift and you earn 70%. Volunteer for two (2) shifts and earn 75%. Volunteer for three shifts (3) and you earn 80%. All consignor cheques and detailed reconciliation reports are ready within 5 business days after the sale.



  1. REGISTER AS A CONSIGNOR TODAY! Once registered, you will be emailed your Consignor number along with a password so you can login at anytime to Consignors Corner.
  2. PREPARE YOUR ITEMS: Gather, wash and hang your clothing. Clean toys/baby equipment or anything else. Dig deep into your child's toys box because their is a lot of CASH hiding in there!
  3. LOGIN TO CONSIGNORS CORNER: Consignors Corner is where you can enter your items, print your bar-coded tags, manage your inventory, book a drop-off time or volunteer for shifts all from the comfort of your home. Everything you need to know about consigning is located here for easy reference, including our comprehensive Consignors 101 Manual.
  4. DROP OFF YOUR ITEMS: You choose a convenient time from our Drop-Off Schedule, drop-off your items, complete your agreement and pick up your Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA Pass.
  5. PICK-UP UNSOLD ITEMS OR DONATE THEM TO CHARITY: You will pick-up unsold items (unless you donate) during our designated pick-up times after the sale closes. When you create tags for your items, you have the freedom to choose whether or not unsold items are donated to our Charity Partner. Don't want to pick-up unsold items? Be sure to check "Donate" when making your tags :)

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