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More Volunteers = A better run sale!

OGOP is able to organize upscale children’s consignment sale events across Canada because of our incredible Volunteers! When you volunteer you get to shop the Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA before the public and even consignors! Why Volunteer? Because Volunteers always…

  • GET FIRST DIBS... choosing best merchandise selection at the lowest prices
  • EARN MORE... when consigning and up to 80%
  • AVOID CROWDS... you get to shop the sale the night BEFORE the public!
  • GREAT PRIZES... to be won! Each volunteer shift earns a draw ballot for great prizes like gift certificates and the exclusive Golden Ticket (allows the winner entry into our next OGOP Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA without having to volunteer!)

Our 3 hour volunteer shifts are easy peasy and NO experience is needed. You do not need to be a consignor to volunteer to shop the Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA. There are many ways you can help out and volunteer with us. Volunteer shifts fill up really fast so if you are interested, do not delay signing up.

OutGROW OutPLAY Team Leaders are always on-site to assist and answer any questions you may have. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that is easy to move in. Most shifts involve lots of walking - Great way to get your exercise!

Please let us know if you have any special needs so we can assign you a shift that works best for you.

Consignors who volunteer, earn more and shop the Volunteer Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA before consignor who do not volunteer

  • FOUR SHIFT VOLUNTEERS EARN 80% - Consignors who volunteer for four (4) three (3) hour shifts earn 80% and simply put...shop Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA before anyone else in world :)
  • THREE SHIFT VOLUNTEERS EARN 80% - Consignors who volunteer for three (3) three (3) hour shifts earn 80% and shop the Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA before two shift and one shift volunteers
  • TWO SHIFT VOLUNTEERS EARN 75% - Consignors who volunteer for two (2) three (3) hour shifts earn 75% and shop the Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA before one shift volunteers
  • ONE SHIFT VOLUNTEERS EARN 70% - Consignors who volunteer for one (1) three (3) hour shift earn 70% and shop the Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA before consignors who do not volunteer


All volunteers MUST arrive 15 minutes prior to your shift beginning. This will give you time to sign-in and participate in a quick volunteer orientation. If you show up late, you will miss orientation and may FORFEIT your shift. OGOP has hundreds of volunteers and coordinating/orientating them takes time. Please be respectful to your peers and arrive on time :)

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY - Social Butterflies spread the word via online or by placing posters within the community. There are only a few of these shifts available each event. Please contact us to inquire about which SB shifts are available :)

SALE SET UP - This shift involves unloading the truck and setting up fixtures/tables. This shift is a workout! Mom's are encouraged to send their hubbies to do some heavy lifting.

CONSIGNOR DROP-OFF - Inspecting consignor merchandise to ensure quality

DURING THE SALE - Walking the sales floor assisting customers, placing unsold merchandise back where it belongs, helping customers carry out their merchandise.

FRONT CHECK-OUTS - Works with assigned cashier bagging customer purchases.

SALE TAKE DOWN - Packs up all racks, fixtures, tables, signage, etc and loads into the truck. Sorts all unsold merchandise back into consignor bins. Double checks all consignor bins to ensure security.

Children are not permitted during the sale set-up or take-down shifts. We made this decision because safety always comes first with OGOP and theses two shifts are too hectic for little ones.


Team Leaders in action! We get the job done and fun doing it!

Team Leaders are Volunteers who super organized, LOVE PEOPLE and have experience at multiple OGOP sale events. They essentially lead our Team of Volunteers and we’d be lost without them! Team Leader positions are one 12 hour shift or two 6 hour shifts split.

Team Leaders…

  • Get to wear a WHITE apron - WoOoHoO!
  • Earn 80% when consigning
  • Will have their registration fee waived and shop with four shift Volunteers

Not everyone is suited to be a Team Leader. Team Leaders will be hand-picked by OGOP so if you are interested please Contact Us.

Team Leaders will work closely with us helping to lead Volunteers in various areas needed during our sales. For example…

  • CASHIER - Works as a cashier during our sale
  • BP SERVICE - Will coordinate all BP Service Taggers. Answering emails and forwarding the Consignor to appropriate BP Service Tagger. BP Service Team Leader earns a 5% override on all items tagged by their team.
  • CONSIGNOR CHECK-IN TABLE/DROP-OFF - Responsible for checking in all Consignors, Pre-Sale Passes and Volunteer Check-Ins. Works closely with Inspection Team Leader coordinating the Inspection Tables
  • INSPECTION - Leads a team of 10 Volunteers during inspection ensuring quality of merchandise.
  • SALES FLOOR - Will work closely with the Volunteers at the front check-out ensuring the lines run smoothly and Volunteers on the sales floor. Works closely with CS Team Leader assigning Volunteer shifts.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - Runs the Customer Service Table (if applicable). Answers customer questions, oversees the HOLD area, re-hangs merchandise, sorts hangers and checks-in all volunteers and assigns shifts
  • SALE TAKE-DOWN - Leads a team of volunteers during take-down of the sale

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